Customers set to benefit from alternative method of product and service delivery

Nairobi, Kenya
May 18 2018

Tabarin Consulting, today announced it was making the latest industry products available via its new webstore, leveraging its relationships with top-class cloud providers and offering its customers easy access to the globe’s best cloud products and services.
In recent years, there has been a significant move to cloud services, and this growth is expected to continue exponentially. Over the next three years, the strategic importance of cloud services to business users is expected to double from 34% to 72%.
Businesses of all sizes are in the process of navigating the transition to cloud services. Larger companies have been benefitting from early applications and related efficiencies but, as the technology advances, smaller enterprises are realising the benefits involved as well.

Tabarin Consulting 's webstore enables customers to purchase cloud services from top global cloud providers and vendors, which are detailed in the webstore's catalogue.
Advantages to this method of service delivery include:

  • Instant downloads and quick response time
  • Product standardisation
  • Latest updated software
  • With a pay-as-you-go, subscription-based cost structure, cloud services require a lower initial investment and typically have much lower overall costs

Currently the webstore offers products and services from the following companies:

  • Adobe
  • Autodesk
  • Kaspersky
  • Microsoft

"Our webstore will be evolving, adding new vendors and services regularly” says George Kiptalam. “This will ensure that our customers will always have the very latest cloud services and technologies available to them."

Security is also a concern for many customers, but the webstore's state-of-the art SSL security guarantees peace of mind, and its pre-tested and pre-configured platform ensures reliability of operation.

“We’re excited about this new development” adds Andrew Gakiria. “Cloud has already gained significant traction in the marketplace and continues to do so. We’re proud to offer our customers the latest in innovative service delivery, and yet another avenue for them to buy their favourite products and services.