Support for Certiport Authorized Testing Centers (CATCs)

CATC Information

Find all of the pertinent information you need for running a successful test center including the Top 10 checks for a testing session and a list of all of our training sessions.

Follow these steps to resolve any issues that may arise related to your testing experience.

Step 1: Check the FAQs and quick reference guides.

Read answers to the most frequently asked questions about testing with Certiport. Download the quick reference guides for more detailed information.

Step 2: Verify system compatibility.

Specific requirements must be met to ensure our certification exams and practice tests are delivered in a compatible and consistent environment. View technical requirements by certification program

Step 3: Learn how your Test Candidate account works.

Your Certiport Test Candidate account provides access to all system functions for test takers — everything from using exam vouchers to printing certificates. Learn more

Step 3:Contact customer service

If you still have questions, contact:

Technical support

  • Experiencing errors with exam delivery
  • Issues with updating software or exams
  • Other technical issues

Contact technical support (locally)

Contact technical support (globally)